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Copper Rod Casting

Rod is produced in an integrated process that includes smelting, casting, rolling, cleaning and packaging. Red rock Int constantly steers, manages and develops this efficient and energy-optimized process within narrow limits. The production process will conforms to European and international standards and the product quality fulfills customers’ stringent requirements.

Production Capacity : 20 Ton per day

Machinery Cost          : 2 Million USD

Project Cost                 : 3.7 Million USD

Capital                           : 0.5 Million USD

Return                           : 38%

Location                       : Gujarat India

API Manufacturing Project

We have plan for pharma API manufacturing project in india.

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is ranked third in the world in terms of production volume and 13th in terms of domestic consumption value. The Indian pharmaceutical industry size is estimated at US$25 billion in 2015. Formulations account for 65% and bulk drugs for the balance 35% in value terms. The industry is expected to reach US$55 billion by 2020. Bulk drug exports are expected to grow the fastest at 14-16% CAGR due to the growing demand of generic products and rising cost pressures that innovators face. Formulation exports are also expected to grow at 14-16% CAGR.

API selection for Manufacturing

Amoxicillin ,Azithromycin, Erythromycin Stearate/Estolate,Ceftriaxone ,Cefoperazone ,Cefixim,Cephalexin ,Piperacillin Tazobactam ,Sulbactam , Dexamethasone ,Prednisolone ,Metformin , Gabapentin , Rifampicin ,Vitamin B1 ,Vitamin B6 ,Clindamycin phosphate Clindamycin HCL , Levofloxacin ,Meropenem ,Paracetamol ,Tinidazole ,Ornidazole ,Ritonavir ,Diclofenac Sodium ,Aspirin ,Levetiracetam ,Carbidopa ,Levodopa ,Carbamazepine , Oxcarbazepine , Valsartan ,Olmesartan , Atorvastatin ,Acyclovir ,Lopinavir

Plant Capacity             : 2000KG /Day

Plant & Machinery    : 2 Million USD

Cost of Project            : 3.4 Million USD

Return                            : 46% Annually

Location                        : India, Gujarat

Aluminum Ingot

Continues Ingot Casting Factory

Solid scrap aluminum is converted into liquid form during the melting process. Throughout the melting process, additional alloying elements are added to achieve a specified chemistry required for various end-use needs.

Automatic casting belt machine will increase efficiency of production. we have plan for advance robots for controlling furnace which minimize the risk of hazard.

Production Capacity : 100 Ton per day

Machinery Cost          : 1.2 Million USD

Project Cost                 : 2.7 Million USD

Capital                           : 0.2 Million USD

Return                           : 17%

Location                       : Gujarat India